Pat Hertzberg Signature

As an artist, I am absorbed in the process of fibre manipulation and embellishment,
orchestrating colours, and creating unique textural surfaces.

My current work examines the relationships of both colours and textures,
as well as the fraying properties of various fabrics - both ripping on grain and cutting off grain.
I combine these with assorted cords, threads and yarns. The result is a mosaic, a textural menagerie.
When tightly reassembled, these works can have the properties of a modern patchwork quilt,
or a painted canvas with tonal shades resembling brush strokes.
When loosely reassembled, the effect is entirely different. These open works
become unique, diaphanous surfaces - contemporary lacy quilts.

My focus is both flat and 3-dimensional fine art utilizing an assortment of techniques
such as painting, dying, printing, fraying and deconstruction, free-motion embroidery,
raw-edge quilting, felting, knotting and thread-web using dissolvable fabrics.

Texture, light, transparency and shadow fascinate me and keep me engaged.

Much of my recent work pays respect to nature, and highlights the juxtaposition of its power and fragility.

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